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Wilderness Lessons

FutureCycle Press (August 2016)

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A portion of profits from books ordered directly from the author will be donated to Got Green – a grassroots, Seattle-based group “led by young adults and people of color that promotes the movement for an equitable, green economy as the best way to fight poverty and global warming at the same time.”

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“‘The pronoun says the planet is burning,’ JM Miller writes in Wilderness Lessons, a beautiful and profound debut collection of Eco-poetry that is both sharply political and deeply personal. These poems collapse the idea of difference between humans and animals, cities and nature, men and women, self and other, and inhabit that liminal “unbetween” of becoming and loss. In this newly created space, Miller explores the no-where land of fluid identity and attention to the smallest details of the natural world. Pristine in its innovative conversation with the history of nature writing, the importance of JM Miller’s Wilderness Lessons cannot be over-stated. A completely original, stunning new voice in American poetry.      –Sarah Messer, Dress Made of Mice


“Wilderness Lessons,” the collection’s title poem won the Grand Prize at the Eco-Arts Awards in 2014. Four poems in the collections were finalists for terrain.org’s poetry contest in 2014. You can read those here

Collaborative Poetry Project: Book of (Eco) Spells

The Book of (Eco) Spells is a living environmental poetry project created by the us reached through each of you. It is a collaborative art piece that breathes through the words and imaginations of you and your community.

You are invited to add a “spell” to the collection. “Spell” has a lot of meanings, and I encourage you to translate the word your own way. For me, a spell is both a container of time (a spell of time), as well as a sort of wish or prayer. Since this is an environmental poetry project, I wanted to write spells that express our body’s deep connections to the earth – not just the pretty places – but the places most effected by industrialization, consumerism and global capitalism. So I tied the human body with imaginative thread to the ground above fracking sites. I drank the gasoline from airplanes. I admitted my body’s absolute connection with pollution, inhabiting it cellularly.

Through this connection, my hope is to embody all of reality. To connect bodies with pollutants; to connect bodies with all of the planet’s animacy.

The Book of (Eco) Spells is a poetry chapbook and can be read here (it is brief).

Please write a spell. I’d love to include spells by children, spouses, mothers, trees – whatever you can get to talk. Spells can riff off the style I created, or you can use your own style. Email SPELLS to janiemiller76@gmail.com, or use the “Comments” section on this website. Please tell me your full name, age or if you’d like to remain anonymous.

Each week I will update The Book of (Eco) Spells and send it out through social media. My goal is to collect 500 spells by early December when the Paris Climate Conference comes to a close.

Please share this collaborative art call widely!